Following is a list of members on union committees and their e-mail contacts:

Health & Safety

Nick Antoft [email protected]

Paul Edwards  [email protected]

Rob Hebb [email protected]

Paul Irving [email protected]

Craig Perrier [email protected]

Clayton Drysdale [email protected]


Brendan Meagher(Chair) [email protected]

Sherry Dean  [email protected]

Brian Rogers  [email protected]

Kevin Guy  [email protected]

Joe Triff  [email protected]

Leonard March [email protected]

Wendell Eisan [email protected]

Social Committee

Chris Camp [email protected]

Santiago Salgueiro [email protected]m

Wendell MacNeil [email protected]

Brendan Meagher [email protected]

Public Relations

Auren Deters [email protected]

Joe Triff [email protected]

Amanda Boise

Jack MacDonald

Jim Turple

Pat James

Vacation Selection

Steve Koch

Debra Archibald

Auren Deters [email protected]

Pension Committee

Dan White (Voting member) [email protected]

Ted Moore (Alternate) [email protected]

Steve Bussey (Alternate) [email protected]

Health & Wellness

Joe Fulton [email protected]

Chris Camp [email protected]

Leeann Merredith

LODD / Funeral Service Organization

Wendell MacNeil (Chair) [email protected]

Dave Spencer [email protected]

Tony Manning [email protected]

Brendan Meagher [email protected]

Constitution & Bylaws

Paul Boyle [email protected]

Kevin Guy [email protected] 


Jeff Paris

Ali Duali

Brad Simms

Natasha Prest

Emma Roberts

Clinton Thomas